Saturday, April 22, 2017

Week 29

Our week started enjoying a beautiful day at the Eastman Nature Center learning about animal groups.

We are published authors again!  Ask your child what their All-About book was about.

Thanks for sending in shoe boxes for our STEAM project.  The children made habitats for animals that are on display above our lockers.

The biggest highlight this week was our bear day and 3 bears show.  We hope you enjoyed watching our performance on seesaw.  Kindergarten is the best!

Snapshot of Next Week:

Monday 4/24 - Day 3:  All-School Chapel (trustee day), Music & Religion

Tuesday 4/25 - Day 4: Chapel, Spanish & P.E.

Wednesday 4/26 - Day 5:  Spanish & P.E.

Thursday 4/27 - Day 6:  Music & Art

Friday 4/28-Day 1:  Spanish, Music & STEAM (return books)

Friday, April 14, 2017

Week 28

This weeks highlights:

Math:  We introduced subtraction first with math stories then followed with number bonds and jelly beans as a fun manipulative.  Using the number bonds, we realized that with subtraction the equation is whole-part=part.  That is different than what we are used to with addition (part+part=whole).  Although this concept was challenging at first, we were impressed with how quickly the children caught on, especially when they remembered that counting on was a great strategy when figuring out a missing part.  

STEAM:  We have had our first few rounds of STEAM with Mrs. Jones and are working on developing a habitat for an animal with a partner.  This ties in nicely to our science unit right now of animal classification.  In order for the next step of this project, we are asking for children to bring in a shoe box.  In the classroom, we had a challenge of building a tower using Easter Eggs and Play-Doh.  A growth mindset, cooperation and flexibility have been very important!

Biobuddies:  We had our final biobuddy visit this week!  Our activities surrounded what we have learned about animals and their super senses.  Each child created an animal mask with a super sense.  We concluded our visit by eating lunch together in the MS dining room.

Literacy:  Bears, Bears and more bears!  The children have embraced our study of bears and are loving the Goldilocks and the Three Bears variations.  We talked about the different ways to tell a story and decided together that singing the story of the Three Bears was an exciting way to tell a story.  From that we thought putting actions to our song would be just as fun. So, together with the other two kindergarten classes we are going to put on a show of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  

Snapshot of Next Week:

Monday 4/17 - Day 4:  Spanish & Field Trip to Eastman Nature Center.  Dress for the weather!

Tuesday 4/18 - Day 5: Spanish & P.E.

Wednesday 4/19 - Day 6:  Music & Art

Thursday 4/20 - Day 1:  Please have shoe boxes at school by today!  Spanish, Music & STEAM (return library books)

Friday 4/21-Day 2:  BEAR DAY!  Bring your very own special bear to school.  We are doing our bear show for the preschoolers and a few other special guests. Spanish & P.E.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Week 27

Hard to believe we are on the home stretch of our kindergarten year!

We had a great return from spring break and the children seemed excited to be back with familiar friends and routines.  Here are a few highlights:

Bears:  We are doing a study of fiction and non-fiction books using bears as our theme.  We are reading a variety of non-fiction books about bears and learning about the American Black Bear.  We are reading many variations of Goldilocks and the Three Bears as a comparison.  We are even writing an "All-About" book about bears and will begin writing our own All-Abouts next week.  Stay tuned for more exciting bear activities to come this month!

Como Zoo:  We had a visit from the Como Zoo to kick off our animal study unit.  The children learned about the different animal groups.  Ask your child which animal was their favorite!

Math:  We are more solid with our math facts to 10 and especially using the counting on strategy.  We introduced the number line as we started doing addition combinations to 20.  We will begin doing work with subtraction in the coming weeks.  

See message below from Mrs. Bailey about class placement for next year:

April 2017

Dear Lower School Parents:

Each year, I invite parents to provide input into the class placement process for their children.  If you wish to share your thoughts with me, please send me a letter or an email by Thursday, April 20.  The timeliness of this information is very important, as we will begin this process the following week.  Therefore, letters received after this date will not be considered for the upcoming school year.

A few important things to remember:

·       Please write your child's full name and grade next year at the top of the letter.  *If writing about more than one child, please send a separate letter for each student. 

·       Share your insights about friendships to foster or separate, your child’s learning dispositions and/or temperament, and the type of environment you feel your child thrives in. 
(You may want to share feedback on what has made this year particularly successful for your
child, or if this has been a challenging year, what you believe may have contributed to this.) 

·       Requests for specific teachers will not be considered.

Several factors are taken into consideration as teachers and the administrative team place students into next year’s classes.  Summer moves and other changes impact class assignments.  Thank you, in advance, for respecting and trusting our decisions.

Best regards,
Peg Bailey

See message below from Ms. Z about a service opportunity:

Birthday Wishes
April 6-21

We are collecting birthday celebration supplies for our local food shelf.  Families who use our local food shelf often are unable to buy extra items
that make a birthday special,like
Cake Mix & Frosting, Candles, Rice, Noodles, Cookie Mix, Pizza Crust mix,
Paper Plates & Cups. Gluten-free, Kosher and Halal items are often needed by families as well. 

If you would like to donate,
please bring items to school April 6-21.  Thanks!

Snapshot of Next Week:

Monday 4/10 - Day 6:  Music & Art

Tuesday 4/11 - Day 1: Spanish, Music & S.T.E.A.M.

Wednesday 4/12 - Day 2:  Spanish, Biobuddies (last visit!) & P.E.

Thursday 4/13 - Day 3:  Music

Friday 4/14-No School, Good Friday

Looking ahead... 
Monday, 4/17: Field trip to the Eastman Nature Center
Friday, 4/21:  Bear Day

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week 26

Welcome back to school!  
We hope everyone had a restful and enjoyable spring break. 
Snapshot of Next Week:

Monday 4/3 - Day 1:  Spanish, Music & S.T.E.A.M. ~ our library times through the end of the school year will be replaced with our S.T.E.A.M. program.  We will find alternative times in our schedule for book check out.

Tuesday 4/4 - Day 2: Spanish & P.E.

Wednesday 4/5 - Day 3:  Music, Religion and Zoo visit to kick off our animal study.

Thursday 4/6 - Day 4:  Wear C.A.R.E. shirts to school!  Spanish & P.E.

Friday 4/7-Day 5:  Spanish & P.E.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Week 25

Thank you for taking the time to meet during conferences.  We hope you found our observations of your child informative.  Your ongoing partnership is much appreciated!


Biobuddies!  We have finished our human body study by learning about the digestive system.  We did a fun experiment using sprite and soda crackers to see what happens once food hits our stomach.  

With our biobuddies we did a culminating body systems project.  We hope you enjoyed seeing your child wear it at home.  

In math we have been working on our "counting on" strategy to help us become more automatic with our math facts.  

We are published authors once again!  Our small moment stories show such huge growth in our writers.  Ask you child what their story was about!

Kindergarten skating has come to an end.  It's amazing how much more independent the children are after only 4 skating times.  Thanks for all the parent volunteers that helped both on and off the ice.

Snapshot of Next Week:

Monday 3/13 - Day 2:  Spanish & P.E.

Tuesday 3/14 - Day 3: Music

Wednesday 3/15 - Day 4:  Chapel, Spanish & P.E.

Thursday 3/16 - Day 5:  Spanish & P.E.

Friday 3/17-Day 6:  St. Patrick's Day & Last day of school before spring break (no extended day)!  If you choose, you may wear green to celebrate.  Music & Art

Monday 4/3:  School resumes!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Week 24

We have had a good week welcoming Ms. Nicpon to our classroom!  

A few highlights are:
  • We made our own book recommendations by choosing one from our book box we thought someone else might enjoy too.
  • We are writing personal narratives and trying to focus on writing about one small moment in our story.
  • We learned about different American symbols and differentiated them between everyday symbols.
  • We are working on becoming more automatic with math facts to 10 and subatizing.  
  • We have been doing math and language assessments and look forward to sharing your child's progress with you at conferences!

Snapshot of the Next 2 Weeks: 

Please fill out the conference feedback form if you have not already done so.  Thank you very much!

Monday 2/27 - Day 6:  Music & Art

Tuesday 2/28 - Day 1:  Spanish, Music & Library (return book)

Wednesday 3/1 - Day 2:  Spanish & P.E.

Thursday 3/2 - No School:  Conferences

Friday 3/4 - No School:  Conferences

Monday 3/6 - Day 3:  Music & Religion

Tuesday 3/7 - Day 4:  Spanish & P.E.

Wednesday 3/8 - Day 5:  Spanish, Biobuddies, & P.E.

Thursday 3/9 - Day 6:  Music & Art

Friday 3/10 - Day 1:  Spanish, Music & Skating (1:45-2:40).  This is our last skating day of the year!  The more parents available to help on and off the ice the better.  See you there!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 23

What a week of fun and celebration!  

Surprise baby shower for Mrs. Williams... little did we know he'd be making his arrival a week early!  Congratulations and welcome Connor Michael!
Valentine's Day Party...
 The 100th Day of School!...

Snapshot of Next Week:
*sign up for parent-teacher conferences this week*

Monday 2/20 - No School

Tuesday 2/21 - Day 2: Spanish & P.E.

Wednesday 2/22 - Day 3:  Music

Thursday 2/23 - Day 4:  Chapel, Spanish & P.E.

Friday 2/24 - Day 5:  Spanish & P.E.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Week 22

What a busy week getting ready for Valentine's Day and the 100th day of kindergarten!  We even squeezed in a biobuddy visit that surrounded the circulatory system as well as a S.T.E.A.M. project with Ms. Schoenborn's 2nd grade class.  

See below regarding information about math from Mrs. Bailey:


This week, we have spent the last two days in meetings with our math consultant, Cassy Turner.  She met with grade level teams to talk about our successes with our new program, Math In Focus - and to help us look ahead as we plan our continued implementation.  It was good to hear her affirm how we're teaching math in our classrooms, and how engaged our students are with new vocabulary and problem-solving strategies.  One thing we heard loud & clear was to make sure our students are 'fluent' with their math facts.  So, continue to practice these at home.  Last night, approximately 35 parents attend "boot camp".  As one parent commented, "I need to be in school again to learn math this way."  Much of last night's session was "hands-on" for parents . . . here are notes taken by Peg Bailey from Cassy's presentation.  

Math in Focus, Parent Boot Camp Notes

Here is great educational opportunity exclusively for Breck parents:

Parent Quiet Kids - Complimentary online course for parents of 3 to 9 year olds offered exclusively to Breck Schools community:

Snapshot of Next Week:

Monday 2/13 - Day 4:  Spanish & P.E.

Tuesday 2/14 - Day 5: Valentine's Day Party!  Wear pink, red and white to school today.  Spanish & P.E.

Wednesday 2/15 - Day 6:  100th day of school!!!!  Music & Art

Thursday 2/16 - Day 1:  Spanish, Music & Library (return book)

Friday 2/17-Monday 2/20:   No School

Friday, February 3, 2017

Week 21

Please be working on Valentines and the 100th Day collections at home!  Notes were sent home about these special days coming up.

Snapshot of Next Week:

Monday 2/6 - Day 5:  Spanish & P.E.  Math Book Camp for parents at 6:30!

Tuesday 2/7 - Day 6: Music & Art

Wednesday 2/8 - Day 1:  Spanish, Biobiddies & Library (return book)

Thursday 2/9 - Day 2:  Spanish & P.E.

Friday 2/10 - Day 3:  Music & Religion

Looking ahead...
2/14:  Valentine's Day Party
2/15:  100th day of school!
2/17-2/20:  No school

Friday, January 27, 2017

Week 20

Another great week in kindergarten!  Look what we've been up to:

In math, we are doing lots of skip counting by 5's and 10's and learned how to count by 2's using our mittens.

As writers, we have been talking about the importance of identifying what we are working on.  Because each writer is unique, we know that each writer focuses on different things.  We decided that working on one goal at a time is a good idea but that we can change our goal as we feel needed.
We are learning that reading is much more than reading (decoding) words.  We use the phrase "reading is thinking" to remind ourselves that understanding what the author is saying, is just as important and figuring out words.  

We had a fun S.T.E.A.M. project with Mrs. Merrill's 2nd grade class.  The children were paired up and asked to make a 3D symmetrical snowflake.  They were given strips of paper to make shapes out of and lots of tape and scissors too!

Snapshot of Next Week:

Monday 1/30 - Day 6:  Music & Art

Tuesday 1/31 - Day 1: Spanish, Music & Library

Wednesday 2/1 - Day 2:  Wear C.A.R.E. shirts to school today!  Spanish & P.E.

Thursday 2/2 - Day 3:  Music

Friday 2/3 - Day 4:  Chapel, Spanish & Skating!  We skate in the afternoon from 1:45-2:45.  The more parents the better to help both on and off the ice!  

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