Friday, March 9, 2018

Week 24

What a busy week!  Here are a few highlights:

  • We are in the process of publishing our small moment writing.  The children are busy editing and revising and will finish their books next week.
  • We are getting more automatic with partners of 10.  Ask your child what a reverse equation is!
  • We began learning about the digestive system.  We are getting ready for our biobuddy visit next week.
  • Kindergarten skating has come to an end.  We are impressed with the growth we have seen in the skaters this year.  Thank you to all the parents for your help at the rink.

Snapshot of next week

Monday, 3/12:  Day 5 - Chinese & P.E.

Tuesday, 3/13:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Wednesday, 3/14:  Day 1- Biobuddies & Chinese

Thursday, 3/15:  Day 2 - Chinese & P.E.

Friday, 3/16:  Day 3- Wear green to school in celebration of St. Patrick's day.  This is the last day of school before spring break.  There is no extended day, please communicate your child's dismissal plans.  Music & Art

3/17-4/4:  No School, Spring Break

Thursday 4/5:  School Resumes

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Weeks 22 & 23

Thank you for meeting with us during conferences.  We hope you found our conversations informative as we shared our observations of your child's progress this year.

Snapshot of next week

Monday, 3/5:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Tuesday, 3/6:  Day 1 - Music, Chinese & Mindfulness

Wednesday, 3/7:  Day 2 - Chinese & P.E.

Thursday, 3/8:  Day 3 - Music & Art

Friday, 3/9:  Day 4- Last day of kindergarten skating!  9:45-10:45, see you there!  Library (book fair)  Link to online Book Fair flyer

Monday, February 19, 2018

Week 21

Our highlight of the week was Valentine's Day!  Such a sweet day of celebrating our friendships with each other.

We are in the process of doing our mid-year formal assessments and will be giving you our feedback during our upcoming conferences.  Please make sure to sign up for a time this week.

Snapshot of next 2 weeks:

Monday, 2/19:  No School

Tuesday, 2/20:  Day 5 - Conference sign up begins for families with 3 or more children.  Chinese & P.E.

Wednesday, 2/21:  Day 6 - Chinese & P.E.

Thursday, 2/22:  Day 1 - Conference sign up begins for all families.  Music & Chinese

Friday, 2/23:  Day 2- Chinese & P.E.

Monday, 2/26:  Day 3 - Music & Art

Tuesday, 2/27:  Day 4 - Religion, Chinese & Library (return book)

Wednesday, 2/28:  Day 5 - Chinese & P.E.

Thursday, 3/1:  No School, conferences.  Childcare is available if needed.  Register with Katie Peterson

Friday, 3/2:  No School, conferences

Friday, February 9, 2018

Week 20

What an exciting week celebrating the 100th day of school!  Thank you for helping your children with their collections.  Most of our activities this week surrounded the 100th day of school.  Such fun!

A few other highlights include:

  • Biobuddy visit doing activities about the circulatory system.
  • Our new writing workshop unit is personal narratives (small moments)
  • Meeting a new reading friend:  Chunky Monkey
  • Skating!  Thank you to the parents who were able to help.  Only one more skating day left this year.

Snapshot of next week:
*Please send in Valentine's

Monday, 2/12:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Tuesday, 2/13:  Day 1 - Music & Chinese

Wednesday, 2/14:  Day 2 - Valentine's Day Party!  Please wear red, white or pink!  Chinese & P.E.

Thursday, 2/15:  Day 3 - Music & Art

Friday, 2/16:  Day 4- Chinese & Library (return book)

Friday, February 2, 2018

Week 19

We are published authors again!  Each child chose their favorite "How-To" book to publish.  We celebrated by reading our books to the preschoolers to teach them how to do something.  Hopefully you learned how to do something too, by watching your child read their book on seesaw.

Ask your child about the circulatory system.  We have been learning about the heart and lungs.

The 100th day of school is next week and we have already been busy preparing for this special day in kindergarten.  

Hopefully you received the note about the 100th day collections and Valentine's Day.

Snapshot of next week:
*Please send in 100th day collections*

Monday, 2/5:  Day 1 - Music & Chinese

Tuesday, 2/6:  Day 2 - Chinese & P.E.

Wednesday, 2/7:  Day 3 - Religion, Biobuddies & Art

Thursday, 2/8:  Day 4 - 100th day of school!  Please wear C.A.R.E. shirts today.  Chinese & Library (return book)

Friday, 2/9:  Day 5- Chinese, Skating and P.E.  Please meet us at the rink from 12-1 for skating!  The more parents we have the better!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Week 18

Be looking for notes to come home this week about Valentine's Day and the 100th day of school!

Snapshot of next week:

Monday, 1/29:  Day 2 - Chinese & P.E.

Tuesday, 1/30:  Day 3 - Music & Art

Wednesday, 1/31:  Day 4 - Chapel, Chinese & Library (return book)

Thursday, 2/1:  Day 5 - Chinese & P.E.

Friday, 2/2:  Day 1- Music & P.E.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Week 17

Snapshot of next week:

Monday, 1/22:  Day 3 - Music & Art

Tuesday, 1/23:  Day 4 - Chinese & Library (return book)

Wednesday, 1/24:  Day 5 - Music & P.E.

Thursday, 1/25:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Friday, 1/26:  Day 1- Music, Chinese & Mindfulness

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