Friday, November 10, 2017

Weeks 10 & 11

In math, we have learned about composing and decomposing numbers.  We have introduced the number bond using the language of part, part, whole. 

In reading workshop, we have been learning about what it means to be a good reading buddy.  We are realizing the importance of listening to one another and 
that reading buddies are helpful when stuck on words, to talk about favorite parts of a book or connections that we have.

In writing workshop we are writing true stories and will be thinking about writing for readers.  We are going to learn what it means to have easy to read writing by leaving spaces between our words as well as punctuation.  

We are reading the series of Little House on the Prairie books to discuss Life Long Ago and compare our lives today to the characters in the story.  Ask your child where the stories take place and who the people in the family are!

Grandparents' Day is coming up and we are looking forward to this special say at Breck.  Please look for a note to be coming home next week about transportation details for your child.

Snapshot of Next Week:   Snow pants, jackets, boots, hats and mittens/gloves are needed daily.

Monday, 11/13:  Day 3 - Please return your thankful tags (see note that was sent home) Music & Art

Tuesday, 11/14:  Day 4 - Chinese & Library (return book)

Wednesday, 11/15:  Day 5 - Chinese, Biobuddies & P.E.

Thursday, 11/16:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Friday, 11/17:  Day 1 - Music, Chinese & Mindfulness

Monday, 11/20:  Day 2 - Chinese & P.E.

Tuesday, 11/21:  Day 3 - Music & Art

Wednesday, 11/22:  Grandparents' Day!  Children should come to school as usual.  Dismissal is at noon.

Thursday & Friday, 11/23-11/24:  No School, Thanksgiving Holiday

Friday, November 3, 2017

Week 10

Halloween came and went like and flash and I think we all survived the excitement this week!  After the parade we had our party which included a mud and worm food treat, halloween bingo and making candles.

We began learning about the skeletal system.  Ask your child how many bones are in a fully grown body!  We did a sorting, graphing and building activity with the different bones... and even a little eating too!

We are published authors again!  We have been writing like scientists by looking up closely at items from nature.  Each child wrote a pattern book to be published.  Hopefully you saw your child reading their book on seesaw.

Snapshot of Next Week:   Thanks for sending in snow gear each day!  Looks like we need it going forward.

Monday, 11/6:  Day 4 - Chinese & Library (return book)

Tuesday, 11/7:  Day 5 - Chinese & P.E.

Wednesday, 11/8:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Thursday, 11/9:  Day 1 - Music, Chinese & Mindfulness

Friday, 11/10:  Day 2 - Chinese & P.E.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Week 9

This week we started talking about what it means to have a growth mindset.  We learned that our brains are like a muscle that needs exercise to grow.  The best exercise is doing things that are challenging.  We learned that making mistakes is awesome because that is how we can change our brain and we talked about things we can't do...YET!  Anything is possible if you give it a try and make your own special dot.  Here are two books we have read:

As we think about Halloween coming up... Your child may come to school in their costume (please refer to the lower school handbook regarding appropriate costumes, i.e. non-violent etc.).  The children will participate in the costume parade beginning at 8:40.  The parade begins in Lower School and ends in The Anderson Gym.  Parents are welcome to join us for the sing-a-long in the gym.  After the parade, we will have our classroom party.  Please make sure your child has regular school clothes under their costume or in a separate bag for changing after the party.

Snapshot of Next Week:   Please make sure your child is prepared for colder temperatures and snow.  We do go outside everyday and we want children to be able to enjoy outdoor play.  Every day these items are needed:  jacket, snow pants, boots, hats, mittens/gloves.  Thank you!

Monday, 10/30:  Day 5 - Chinese & P.E.

Tuesday, 10/31:  Day 6 - Halloween parade and party & P.E.

Wednesday, 11/1:  Day 1 - Wear C.A.R.E. shirt to school.  Music & Chinese 

Thursday, 11/2:  Day 2 - Chinese & P.E.

Friday, 11/3:  Day 3 - Music & Art

Friday, October 20, 2017

Week 8

Although we had a short week it was packed with learning!  We had our first field trip to Murphy's Landing that began our study of Life Long Ago.  Hopefully you enjoyed the photos on seesaw.

Definitely, the highlight of our week was meeting our Biobuddies!  We did a "getting to know you activity;"  we weighed and measured ourselves; and used our 5 senses as we dissected a mini-pumpkin.

Snapshot of Next Week:   

Monday, 10/23:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Tuesday, 10/24:  Day 1 - Music, Chinese & Mindfulness

Wednesday, 10/25:  Day 2 - Service trip to Walker Nursing Home & P.E.

Thursday, 10/26:  Day 3 - Music & Art

Friday, 10/27:  Day 4 - Chinese & Library (return book)

Looking ahead to Halloween 10/31:  Your child may come to school in their costume (please refer to the lower school handbook regarding appropriate costumes, i.e. non-violent etc.).  The children will participate in the costume parade beginning at 8:40.  The parade begins in Lower School and ends in The Anderson Gym.  Parents are welcome to join us for the sing-a-long in the gym.  After the parade, we will have our classroom party.  Please make sure your child has regular school clothes under their costume or in a separate bag for changing after the party.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Week 7

New curriculum was introduced this week:  

Guided reading began and our reading workshop has moved away from book bins of emergent story books to individual book boxes.

We will be starting our social studies unit of life long ago this upcoming week and it will begin with our field trip to The Landing.

We are now in our 2nd writing unit:  Looking up closely, writing like a scientist.


Number sense is our math focus and we are beginning to learn how to form numbers too.


Snapshot of Next Week:   

Monday, 10/16:  Day 3 - Picture Retakes, Field trip to The Landing & Art. If you want your child to take retakes, please send in the original photos. Our field trip is all outdoors so dress accordingly for the weather!

Tuesday, 10/17:  Day 4 - Chapel, Chinese & Library (return book)

Wednesday, 10/18:  Day 5 - Chinese, Biobuddies and P.E.

Thursday, 10/19:  No School

Friday, 10/20:  No School

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Weeks 5 & 6

As we ended September and October began we have a lot to celebrate!  

We introduced our first two high frequency words:  I, see.  We are also getting practice using our reading strategies, Lips the Fish and Eagle Eye.

In math we became experts in creating patterns and even tried the challenge of labeling our patterns!

We are published authors for the first time!

In science we began learning about the human body.  We started by exploring the 5 senses and learning about the brain.  Each day we focused on a different sense with a concluding activity at the end, using all 5 senses together by making and eating popcorn.

We enjoyed meeting with you during conferences.  
We hope you found our conversation informative as we shared our observations of your child in the school environment.

Snapshot of Next Week:   

Monday, 10/9:  Day 4 - Please return the baggie filled with items from exploring nature at home. Religion, Chinese, Library (return book)

Tuesday, 10/10:  Day 5 - Chinese & P.E.

Wednesday, 10/11:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Thursday, 10/12:  Day 1 - Music, Chinese & Mindfulness

Friday, 10/13:  Day 2 - Chinese & P.E.

Friday, September 22, 2017

week 4

We are concluding our math unit on shapes.  A few of our stations this week were a shape dice game, shape painting as well as shape patterns on the iPad.  Our shape collages turned out great.  Thank you for helping your child with the shape hunt at home!

The writers in our classroom have grown so much in a short amount of time.  We are very proud of them!  They are really getting the workshop routine down and have started growing stories and writing across pages.  

We have been hearing claps or syllables in words and introduced our first reading strategy.  Ask your child who "Eagle Eye" is.

We have been doing our first formal assessments of the children.  We look forward to sharing our initial observations with you at conferences.

Snapshot of Next Week the next 2 weeks:  Please sign up for a parent teacher conference.  Online registration begins on Wednesday.    

Monday, 10/25:  Day 2 - Chinese & P.E.

Tuesday, 9/26:  Day 3 - Music & Art

Wednesday, 9/27:  Day 4 - Chapel, Chinese & Library (return book)

Thursday, 9/28:  Day 5 - Chinese & P.E.

Friday, 9/29:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Monday, 10/2:  Day 1 - Music & Chinese

Tuesday, 10/3:  Day 2 - Chinese & P.E.

Wednesday, 10/4:  Day 3 - Music & Art

Thursday, 10/5:  No School, conferences

Friday, 10/6:  No School, conferences

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