Friday, January 19, 2018

Week 17

Snapshot of next week:

Monday, 1/22:  Day 3 - Music & Art

Tuesday, 1/23:  Day 4 - Chinese & Library (return book)

Wednesday, 1/24:  Day 5 - Music & P.E.

Thursday, 1/25:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Friday, 1/26:  Day 1- Music, Chinese & Mindfulness

Friday, January 12, 2018

Week 16

January is a great month of learning in kindergarten.  The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is behind us and we have uninterrupted instructional time in the classroom.  

Writing:  We have shifted gears to procedural writing.  We are making How-To books.  The writers are teaching readers how to do something by giving step by step instructions.  Ask your child what some of their topics have been!

Reading:  We are proud of the progress that has been made in each reader since the beginning of the year.  We have a variety of different reading strategies (a.k.a. reading friends) that the readers have been introduced to that help them when stuck on words.

Math:  Teen numbers are our focus.  We describe teen numbers using the language of ten and extra ones.  We want the children seeing numbers in this way to get them ready for place value.

Social Studies:  We are learning about the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.  We have had rich classroom discussions and will be following up with a writing project next week.

Science:  Our dramatic play center has transformed into a doctors office!  This is because we are really diving into the human body this month and next.  We will begin studying the circulatory system in the coming weeks.

Our week ended with a fun time at kindergarten skating.  Thank you to all the parents who were able to help both on and off the ice!

Snapshot of next week:

Monday, 1/15:  No School, MLK Day

Tuesday, 1/16:  Day 5 - Chinese & P.E.

Wednesday, 1/17:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Thursday, 1/18:  Day 1 - Music & Chinese

Friday, 1/19:  Day 2- Chinese & P.E.

With the frigid cold weather we are experiencing it is hard to think about summer but... 

Breck Summer Programs registration begins online Tuesday, Jan. 16 at 8:00AM! We hope you will join us for "The Most Fun Under The Sun!" Questions? Don't hesitate to contact Katie Peterson | 763.381.8234 or

To view the brochure electronically:

Friday, January 5, 2018

Week 15

Children were very happy to reconnect with their friends and teachers after winter break.  The comfort of familiar routines is reassuring for us all!  Hopefully we will get outdoor recess next week as the temperature warms up over the weekend.

Are you looking for ways to support your child’s learning at home?  There are a few skills we would like all kindergartners to have solid by the end of the school year.  Many children will be working on skills beyond these while other children could use extra practice and encouragement at home.

Letters:  Name all upper and lower case letters
Sight Words:  Identify all 25 kindergarten high-frequency words
Numerals to 100:  Identify, Write (without reversals) & Count to 120 by 1’s, 5’s & 10’s
Shapes:  Identify circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle, star, rhombus (diamond), hexagon & trapezoid
Name Writing:  Write first and last name with all letters facing the correct direction and appropriate format
Continents:  Identify all 7 continents and which one we live on

Here are a few “life skills” that are also important for children to know and especially important as we gain more responsibility and independence in preparation for first grade:

Days of the Week
Zip Coat
Tie Shoes
Phone Number (all 10 digits)

Thank you for your continued partnership and for keeping a strong home and school connection!

Snapshot of next week:

Monday, 1/8:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Tuesday, 1/9:  Day 1 - Music & Chinese

Wednesday, 1/10:  Day 2 - Chinese & P.E.

Thursday, 1/11:  Day 1 - Music & Art

Friday, 1/12:  Day 3- Kindergarten Skating!  Make sure your child has all skating gear at school in a separate bag:  skates, jacket, snow pants, helmet, mittens/gloves.  All parents are welcome to meet us at the rink at 9:45 to help on and off the ice (with helmet).  Library (return book)

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Welcome Back to school in 2018!

Snapshot of the week:

Wednesday, 1/3:  Day 3 - School Resumes!  Music & Art

Thursday, 1/4:  Day 4 - Wear C.A.R.E. shirt to school! Religion, Chinese & Library

Friday, 1/5:  Day 6 - Chinese & P.E.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Week 14

We did a fun STEAM building activity as a whole class collaboration project.  We used cups to build a Christmas tree.  With many different plans, attempts, building, falling and rebuilding... we did it!

A few important reminders for our final days of school before winter break:

The Lower School Holiday Program is on Thursday, 12/14 and begins at 6:30 in the Chapel.  This is an evening for dressier attire for the children.  They should arrive to the classroom by 6:15 and you can pick them back up in the classroom immediately following the program.  

Tuesday, 12/19 is the final day of school before winter break begins and is kindergarten pajama day!  Children should come to school in the their pajamas but should have shoes & boots to wear as well.  We will watch "The Polar Express" together and do some festive activities.  Lockers will be fully cleaned out so expect many belongs to come home for washing (rest mats).  There is no extended day so please plan accordingly and communicate dismissal plans for your child.

Snapshot of the next 2 weeks:

Monday, 12/11:  Day 2 - Chinese & P.E.

Tuesday, 12/12:  Day 3 - Program Rehearsal & Art

Wednesday, 12/13:  Day 4 - St. Lucia Day!  Chinese, Program Rehearsal & Library

Thursday, 12/13:  Day 5 - Happy Hanukkah & Holiday Program Day!  Program Rehearsal, P.E. & Hanukkah Party

Friday, 12/14:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Monday, 12/18:  Day 1 - Christmas Party Day!  Music & Chinese 

Tuesday, 12/19:  Day 2 - Happy Pajama Day! Chinese & P.E.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Week 13

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us and the children's energy and excitement can be felt!  December is a magical month is kindergarten; all surrounding our social studies unit of holidays around the world.

Despite the excitement, we are squeezing in some learning too!  One curriculum highlight this week was establishing writing goals.  We are working hard, making our writing easy for readers to read.  We have a writing checklist that helps us focus on one area we want to be better at.  Ask your child what their writing goal is!

Our first day of skating was a success!  Thanks to all the parents who were able to help, we couldn't do it without you!

Snapshot of next week:

Monday, 12/4:  Day 3 - Music & Art

Tuesday, 12/5:  Day 4 - Religion, Chinese, Library (return book)

Wednesday, 12/6:  Day 5 - St. Nicolas Day!  Chinese, Biobuddies & P.E.

Thursday, 12/7:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Friday, 12/8:  Day 1 - Music & Chinese

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Week 12

Snapshot of next week:

Monday, 11/27:  Day 4 - Chapel, Chinese & Library (return book)

Tuesday, 11/28:  Day 5 - Chinese & P.E.

Wednesday, 11/29:  Day 6 - Music & P.E.

Thursday, 11/30:  Day 1 - Music, Chinese & Mindfulness

Friday, 12/1:  Day 2 - Kindergarten Skating!  Make sure your child has all skating gear at school in a separate bag:  skates, jacket, snow pants, helmet, mittens/gloves.  All parents are welcome to meet us at the rink at noon to help on and off the ice (with helmet).  Chinese & P.E.

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