Friday, February 24, 2017

Week 24

We have had a good week welcoming Ms. Nicpon to our classroom!  

A few highlights are:
  • We made our own book recommendations by choosing one from our book box we thought someone else might enjoy too.
  • We are writing personal narratives and trying to focus on writing about one small moment in our story.
  • We learned about different American symbols and differentiated them between everyday symbols.
  • We are working on becoming more automatic with math facts to 10 and subatizing.  
  • We have been doing math and language assessments and look forward to sharing your child's progress with you at conferences!

Snapshot of the Next 2 Weeks: 

Please fill out the conference feedback form if you have not already done so.  Thank you very much!

Monday 2/27 - Day 6:  Music & Art

Tuesday 2/28 - Day 1:  Spanish, Music & Library (return book)

Wednesday 3/1 - Day 2:  Spanish & P.E.

Thursday 3/2 - No School:  Conferences

Friday 3/4 - No School:  Conferences

Monday 3/6 - Day 3:  Music & Religion

Tuesday 3/7 - Day 4:  Spanish & P.E.

Wednesday 3/8 - Day 5:  Spanish, Biobuddies, & P.E.

Thursday 3/9 - Day 6:  Music & Art

Friday 3/10 - Day 1:  Spanish, Music & Skating (1:45-2:40).  This is our last skating day of the year!  The more parents available to help on and off the ice the better.  See you there!

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