Friday, January 13, 2017

Week 18

January is such a great month of learning in kindergarten.  We have good chunks of uninterrupted instructional time and the children are eager to jump into new concepts.  One of our highlights this week has been the addition of math folders during our daily math routine.  During this part of our day, our math leader helps us do our calendar, match the money to calendar date and count our days of school.  Now, the added layer is each child does the routine on their folder for more active engagement and differentiation.

Are you looking for ways to support your child’s learning at home?  There are a few skills we would like all kindergartners to have solid by the end of the school year.  Many children will be working on skills beyond these while other children could use extra practice and encouragement at home.

Letters:  Name all upper and lower case letters
Sounds:  Say all letter sounds, including short vowels and hard consonants.
Sight Words:  Identify all 25 kindergarten high-frequency words
Numerals to 100:  Identify, Write (without reversals) & Count to 100 by 1’s, 5’s & 10’s
Shapes:  Identify circle, square, triangle, oval, rectangle, star, rhombus (diamond), hexagon & trapezoid
Last name:  Write last name with all letters facing the correct direction and appropriate format
Continents:  Identify all 7 continents and which one we live on

Here are a few “life skills” that are also important for children to know and especially important as we gain more responsibility and independence in preparation for first grade:

Days of the Week
Zip Coat
Tie Shoes
Phone Number (all 10 digits)

Thank you for your continued partnership and for keeping a strong home and school connection!

Snapshot of Next Week:

Monday 1/16 - No School, MLK Day

Tuesday 1/17 - Day 3: Music

Wednesday 1/18 - Day 4:  Chapel, Spanish & P.E.

Thursday 1/19 - Day 5:  Spanish & P.E.

Friday 1/20 - Day 6:  Music & Art

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