Friday, December 9, 2016

Week 15

December is a busy month in kindergarten as we study holidays from around the world.  St. Nicholas, St. Lucia, Hanukkah and Christmas are ones we especially highlight and celebrate together.

In addition to celebrating we squeeze in learning as well!  We met with our Biobuddies for a STEAM filled day.  We gave them the challenge of making a Christmas tree stand up without holding it using straws and model magic. The second challenge was making a spinning dreidel using either 2 egg cartons and a toothpick or a milk carton and pencil all held together with painters tape.  Hopefully you saw the creations on seesaw!

We will be publishing our personal narratives this upcoming week and are concluding our math unit of number sense to 10 with a variety of math games and story problems.  

Look at our awesome tree we made out of cups!  This took planning, creativity, imagination, trial, error and most of all TEAMWORK and COLLABORATION. 

Snapshot of Next Week:

Monday 12/12 - Day 1:  Spanish, Library (return book) & Hanukkah Party

Tuesday 12/13 - Day 2: St. Lucia Day!  Spanish, Rehearsal & P.E.

Wednesday 12/14 - Day 3:  Rehearsal & Christmas Party

Thursday 12/15 - Day 4:  Rehearsal, Spanish & P.E.  Holiday Program begins at 6:30 in the Chapel.  Children should arrive to the classroom no later than 6:15.  Parents can pick children up in the classroom after the performance.  Dressy attire is appropriate for this special evening.

Friday 12/9 - Day 6:  Kindergarten Pajama Day!  Children wear pajamas to school and we will be watching The Polar Express together.  Music & Art.  Last day of school before winter break.  No extended Day (please communicate end of day transportation).

School resumes on January 3rd.  Have a wonderful, restful winter break!

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