Friday, September 23, 2016

Week 4

We have done a few culminating activities with shapes.  Making marshmallow shapes and tape painting were a few favorites.  

We are learning about graphing by looking at how many letters we have in our names.
Thank you for helping your child with shape hunt at home.  Our collages turned out great!

Language Arts:
We have started introducing reading strategies through reading friends.  "Fish the Lips" reminds us to get our mouths ready to read by looking at the first sound in words.  "Eagle Eye" reminds us to look at the pictures to give us clues.  

We are learning that during writing workshop we write the whole time and that "when I am done I have just begun!"

Rhyming and syllables has been our phonemic awareness focus.

We started our science study of the human body by learning about the brain. We learned that the brain sends messages to the rest of our body and that our brain is what helps us see, touch, hear, smell and taste.  Our new focus will be on the 5 senses.  Today we went on a listening walk around the Breck campus!

Social Studies:
We have been talking more about what it means to be a good citizen of Breck School.  We made a class book together and each child wrote and illustrated a page for our book.

We are concluding our beginning of the year formal assessments of each child and will share our initial observations with you during conferences.

EXCITING NEWS FROM MRS. WILLIAMS:  "My husband and I are expecting our first baby at the end of February!  We are thrilled to announce our future addition to our family."

Snapshot of Next Week: 

Monday 9/26 - Day 2:  Spanish & P.E.

Tuesday 9/27 - Day 3:  Music

Wednesday 9/28 - Day 4:  Conference sign-up begins.  Spanish & P.E.

Thursday 9/29 - Day 5:  Spanish & P.E.

Friday 9/30 - Day 6:  Music & Art

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