Friday, September 16, 2016

Week 3

Magical is the only way to describe this week in kindergarten!

We have been reading all the versions of the the Gingerbread Man stories and comparing and contrasting them to the original.  

As a class we decided we should make our own cookies to eat for snack.  

When we went to pick our cookies up from the oven, they were gone!  But, there was a note that had been left as a clue.  Quick as a wink, we were off on a hunt around the school searching for our cookies. Our cookies had us running all over the school looking for them. Library...Spanish...Music...Gym...Nurse...and even Mrs. Bailey...

 ... and finally... they were back in our classrooms safe! We were able to enjoy our delicious treat together.  Such fun!

Homecoming was also a fun way to end the week.  The children were in their Breck colors full of school spirit.  We even got to meet the homecoming court and it was exciting to see who would be crowned the new king and queen of Breck School!

Snapshot of Next Week:

Monday 9/19 - Day 3:  Music & Religion

Tuesday 9/20 - Day 4:  Picture Day!  Make sure picture form has been turned in.  Spanish & P.E.

Wednesday 9/21 - Day 5:  Spanish & P.E.

Thursday 9/22 - Day 6:  Music & Art

Friday 9/23 - Day 1:  Spanish & Library (return book)

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  1. Oh, my goodness! I am so glad the gingerbread cookies were found! Those tricky cookies!
    It looks like they were pretty delicious, too!
    Hugs from,
    Mrs. Preissing



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